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Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

David Smitherman
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My wife and I attended a family event in Grand Junction Colorado where I took a side trip early one morning and toured the downtown. I was pleasantly surprised to discover an abundance of art and sculpture on display. Here are some of the beautiful works I observed.

“Slow Dance” by Gene Adcock, and “Gentle” by Shohini Ghosh.

“Chrome on the Range” by Lou Wille, and “The Silly Fool” by Reven Marie Swanson.

“Clorese” by Sherrill Stone, and “Cold Comfort” by Bill Noland.

“Leap” by Richard Montrose, and “Potato Bug Predicament” by Nathan Johansen.

“Head in Progress” by Michael Ford Dunton, and “Bison Legacy” by Pat Olson.

“Continuum” by Sue Quinlan, and “Gathering Soul” by Mary Mansfield.

“Chipeta and Chief Ouray” by Carol Craiglow.

“Anastasia” by Dimitry Domani Spiridon, and “Let it Snow” by Vicki Rottman.

My favorite, “White Deer of Autumn” by Denny Haskew.

“Splice” by Kyle Ocean, and “With Eyes of Faith” by Greg Todd in memory of Sister Mary Balbina Farrell.

A fountain with “Little Dipper, Bubbles & Puffenstuff” by Ruth Cross.

“Rift” by Ted Schaal, “Great Heron” by Susan Olson, and “Dream a Little Dream” by Michael Ford Dunton.

“Dreamy Woman” by Stacy Boesch, and “Stumped” by Doyle Svenby.

“Skyline 5” by Kyle Ocean, and “End of the Line” by Harlan L. Mosher.

“Freewheelin II” by James Haire.

“Out of the Twirl” by Jerry Severns, and Mesas, Monoliths & Monuments by Harlan Mosher.

“At the Park” by Reno Carollo, and “Tower” by Ian Wunderlich.

“Art on the Corner” was founded by Dave Davis in 1984 as a year round outdoor sculpture exhibit displayed throughout downtown Grand Junction. There are over 100 sculptures created with different mediums and styles. Painter, teacher, mentor and advocate for arts in the Grand Valley, Davis was an Executive Director for the Western Colorado Center for the arts and helped found the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture. He was awarded the Governor’s award for Excellence in the arts in 2002.

It is pleasing to see this in more and more downtown areas across the country. Even in my home town here in Huntsville Alabama there is a growth of sculpture and murals expressing the art and culture of our community.

Notes and References:

Story and photographs are by David Smitherman, with sculpture information obtained from onsite inscriptions.

Many of these sculptural works are for sale. You can find out more information at Grand Junction Creates:



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