Michigan State Capitol Tour

Figure 1. Front east facing view of the Capitol on Capitol Square in downtown Lansing.
Figure 2. Michigan State Capitol.
Figure 3. Michigan State Capitol.
Figure 4. Capitol restoration projects.
Figure 5. Drawings of all three capitol buildings.
Figure 6. Pediment sculptural relief “The Rise and Progress of Michigan” by Herman Wehner and Lewis Ives.
Figure 7. East side entrance Portico.
Figure 8. Capitol dome.
Figure 9. Ground floor directory.
Figure 10. Ground floor gathering space below the Rotunda.
Figure 11. First floor directory.
Figure 12. First floor formal entrance and the “Battle Flag Collection” lining the walls of the Rotunda.
Figure 13. The Rotunda.
Figure 14. Grand staircases next to the Rotunda access the upper floors.
Figure 15. Second floor directory.
Figure 16. The Gallery of Governors.
Figure 17. Michigan Supreme Court Chambers.
Figure 18. House Chambers in the north wing.
Figure 19. House Chambers.
Figure 20. Senate Chambers in the south wing.
Figure 21. Senate Chambers.
Figure 22. Third floor directory.
Figure 23. Third floor view of Rotunda.
Figure 24. Fourth floor view of Rotunda.
Figure 25. Allegorical paintings of muses by Thommaso Juglaris, 1886.
Figure 26. Allegorical paintings of muses above the fourth floor of the Rotunda.
Figure 27. Cornerstone and Capitol Square.
Figure 28. Capitol Square sculpture.
Figure 29. Central Methodist Episcopal Church by Elijah Myers, 1889.
Figure 30. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church by White and Butterworth, 1914.
Figure 31. Capitol Bank Tower by Hopkins and Dentz, 1931.
Figure 32. Michigan State Capitol tour.



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