New York State Capitol Tour

Figure 1. Southwest entrance.
Figure 2. Northwest entrance.
Figure 3. Southeast entrance and East Capitol Park.
Figure 4. East corner in 2020 in comparison with an original design rendering.
Figure 5. Sculpture of Philip Schuyler and Phillip Henry Sheridan.
Figure 6. Alban City Hall and sculptures in Academy Park.
Figure 7. State Office Building and a statue of George Washington in West Capitol Park.
Figure 8. Entrance to Empire State Plaza from West Capitol Park.
Figure 9. Robert Abrams Building for Law and Justice and the State Legislative Office Building.
Figure 10. View southwest of the length of the Empire State Plaza.
Figure 11. Agency Buildings on the northwest side of the plaza.
Figure 12. The Egg and the Erastus Corning Tower on the southeast side of the plaza.
Figure 13. New York State Museum at the southwest end of the plaza.
Figure 14. Empire State Plaza Guide.
Figure 15. Fallen Firefighters sculpture and an untitled abstract sculpture.
Figure 16. Labyrinth.
Figure 17. Triangles and Arches.
Figure 18. Lippincott 1.
Figure 19. Trio.
Figure 20. Verge.
Figure 21. Yellow Blue, and Salem 7.
Figure 22. Two Lines Oblique, and Geometric Mouse Variation 1.
Figure 23. The Cathedral Evening.
Figure 24. Untitled (Spheres), Wild Rice, and Double One on C.
Figure 25. The Snake is Out.
Figure 26. New York State Capitol tour 1
Figure 27. New York State Capitol tour 2.



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David Smitherman

David Smitherman


Retired from NASA. Architect, space architect and writer on science, technology, travel, and social issues. See the “Reading List” for introductory Greetings.